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Quotation_open_48px Started gaming way back on the NES, playing Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. Wasn't too into gaming until I played C&C Gold when it came out in 1995.

I am the site's resident Sith Lord. So beware of getting on my bad side, otherwise you'll find yourself on the receiving end of a Force Choke or else becoming closely accquainted with the business end of my lightsaber. :P

Hope to see you on the forums, quite possibly the friendliest around. Quotation_close_48px



Basic Information
Name: Tim Hunter
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Gamer Information
Gamer Since: 1988 (27 years)
Preferred Genre: Role-playing
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gamerDNA Member Since: 31/JUL/08 (6 years, 11 months, 2 days)
Last Seen On gamerDNA: 3 months ago
Profile Views: 84,246
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Game Characters
Mass Effect (X360)
Alan Shepard's Avatar Image
Alan Shepard

“Main character. Good male, reached level 60. Completed two playthroughs on casual, as well as playthroughs on Hardcore and Insanity. Unlocked about two-thirds of the achievements. ”

Fable II (X360)
King's Avatar Image

“Secondary character. Evil female, that drank the gender change potion and is now male. Completed the game, got the evil and neutral endgame achievements, as well as the one for sacrificing ten villagers at Temple of Shadows. ”

Fable II (X360)
Master Chief's Avatar Image
Master Chief

“Main character. Good male. Completed the game, got most of the achievements. ”

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360)
Crag Hack's Avatar Image
Crag Hack

“Main character. Male Argonian Warrior, reached level 46. Completed the game, got all achievements(including all DLC). ”

Fallout 3 (X360)
Ralph Wiggum's Avatar Image
Ralph Wiggum

“Main character. Good male, reached level 20. Completed game, got most achievements. ”

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B33b0p said...

“Dvader83 is a Fine Roleplayer. Hail Sithis!”

Anat said...

“Dvader83 is a Talented Player. ”

Chefjayman said...

“Dvader83 is a Talented Player. ”

Wastelander-75 said...

“Dvader83 is a Talented Player. ”

CrazyPhish said...

“Dvader83 is a Nice Person. ”

istakebroad said...

“Dvader83 is a Nice Person. Noticed you have a gamerDNA from your signature @ xboxamerica.com. I haven't had a gamerDNA very long, so I'm still getting the feel of it... I like it so far.”

LordXenophon said...

“Dvader83 is a Fine Roleplayer. Brings lots of life to gDNA, and what is fhe Force but the sum of all life?”

Fenrir085 said...

“Dvader83 is a Talented Player. All Hail Lord Vader!!!!!”

KrazyKain said...

“Dvader83 is a Talented Player. "... when you didn't need these Hi-def graphics to have a good time playing your favorite games. Heck, some of the time you didn't need graphics at all."

.... ”

BofusTeefus said...

“Dvader83 is a Nice Person. Quite the welcoming committee here!”